We manufacture PU Doffers and Moistener Pads for the Cotton Pickers

case ih cotton harvester
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We are in the agricultural market since 1992 providing the dealers and the farmers with cotton picker parts.

For over 15 years we manufacture premium quality doffers and pads for JD and Case IH cotton pickers that withstand the toughest collection conditions.

Our polyurethane cotton picker parts with the EP logo have gained the trust from the most demanding farmers in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Europe and China.

Doffers for John Deere and Case IH Cotton Pickers

We manufacture premium quality polyurethane Doffers for John Deere and Case IH cotton pickers.

They are made of the best polyurethane system ensuring the non-contamination of the cotton and exhibiting abrasion resistance as low as 18 mm3, according to DIN53516.

They are better than the old rubber doffers, black and white, that shed rough during the picking process and contaminate the cotton fibers.

Doffer for John Deere cotton harvesterDoffer for John Deere cotton harvester
Polyurethane doffers - europartsDoffers for Case IH Cotton Harvester
Doffer for case IH 1822 / 1844 cotton harvesterDoffer for case IH 1822 / 1844 cotton harvester
Doffer for case IH cotton harvesterDoffer for case IH cotton harvester
Asymmetrical Doffer - Europarts
Polyurethane Pads - Europarts

Polyurethane Pads for John Deere and Case IH Cotton Pickers

Excellent quality moisture pads made with full cell modern machines and carefully chosen polyurethane system to meet the demanding collection conditions.

case ih padsCase IH pads
John Deere polyurethane PadsJohn Deere Pads

Next Generation Patented Doffer for in-line John Deere cotton harvesters

Asymmetrical Doffers have lugs with asymmetric profile with an essentially perpendicular leading face and sloped trailing face They work in higher temperature than common doffers expanding their working life span.They are used on John Deere cotton pickers with in-line drum arrangement.

No more melting
In hard picking conditions common doffers melt due to the high working temperature. Asymmetrical Doffers work in higher temperature than the common doffers without melting and without creating round edges on the lugs.

Longer Life Span
Τhe new design and the upgraded raw materials extend the working life of the Doffer. The asymmetrical profile of the lugs provide more efficient doffing, reduced wear and vibration, and increased yields.

Quality Control
Every asymmetrical doffer is checked during the production and is sent in our quality control lab to examine every aspect of its function.Our Lab Experts make sure that each and every product meet our high requirements!

More information here www.asymmetricaldoffer.com

Asymmetrical doffer for John Deere cotton harvesterAsymmetrical doffer for John Deere cotton harvester
Asymmetrical doffer parckaging
Asymmetrical doffer for John Deere cotton harvester

Asymmetrical Doffer & Doffers for cotton pickers

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Production process

We have a complete production line with cutting edge technology from die casting to final product. Our technicians follow the manufacturing process and ensure the quality of every part.





Final Product

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