Polyurethane Elastomers is a unique industrial material with excellent physical, mechanical, environmental and dynamic properties

Polyurethane elastomers


casting elastomer parts are manufactured in open molds, decreasing this way the cost.

We have the ability

to build very large and complex parts with hardness ranging from 55 to 95 Shore A.

The operating temperature

ranges from -40 C◦ to +100 C◦, giving us the ability to bond the polyurethane with metals, plastics and various other materials.

Technical properties

Highly resistant

to wear, abrasion, solvents and cuts


excessive temperature changes

High bearing

loading capacity

Can be manufactured to any

point on the durometer scale, from very soft to rock-hard

Can be manufactured

to a wide variety of colors


polyurethane elastomers - europarts
High load-bearing capacity Low load capacity
High wear and tear resistance, can last up to 3 times more than rubber Low wear and tear resistance, have to be replaced more often leading to increased downtime and decrease productivity
Can be manufactured in a wide durometer scale from 55 to 95 Shore A. We can create a denser material higher on the durometer scale without sacrificing the performance Tend to be much softer because mechanical properties are being met between hardness 60 to 75 Shore A. Less physical properties prevent superior performance
Low Coefficient of Friction (COF) and zero cohesion. Conveyor belts operate smoothly. These two values are neseccary for applications that sliding occurs High cohesion between the wheel and the conveyor belt. Cohesion is the main factor for having good adhesion between two materials. The wheel and the belt are being manufactured by the same type of material and high cohesion potentially harm the conveyor belt
Friendly to the environment, polyurethane parts are unsaturated and are on the same category as household garbage Rubber contains heavy metals, such as titanium and zinc oxide which, as the wheels are being rubbed away, are being released in the environment and enhaled
Superior tolerance to greases, oils and oxygen Tend to degrade overtime with exposure to elements
Can be manufactured to a wide variety of colors Zero color variety

Production process

Raw materials choice

Our technicians choose carefully the raw materials.

Production planning

Raw materials are chosen according to both the mechanical properties and the working conditions as indicated by the client.


The carefully chosen raw materials and the quality control during the manufacturing process ensure the premium quality, the long life span and the durability of our products.